The Comprehensive DO-178C Handbook: Efficient Verification Through the DO-178C Lifecycle

This DO-178C Verification White Paper is the comprehensive handbook to planning, developing and verifying DO-178C guided projects. This white paper takes you through the entire DO-178C journey, from project concept to verification.

Inside you’ll find the fundamental understanding of the compliance process as a whole and practical tips to efficiently verify DO-178C software. ConsuNova DO-178C handbook, will show reader on how to fulfill DO-178C compliance and what are the considerations for multi-core compliance to CAST-32A objectives and AMC 20-193 verification including:

  • DO-178C Planning, what you need to consider early in your project and how to mitigate against need for later rework.
  • Efficient Design practices to reduce downstream Verification effort e.g. Data Coupling and Control Coupling Analysis.
  • DO-178C Verification objectives and activities.
  • DO-178C strategies you can take to optimize Avionics verification effort.
  • Considerations for multicore DO-178C and CAST-32A projects.
  • Considerations to obtain DO-178C compliance via best practices during each Stage of Involvement (SOI).
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