DO-178B’s TOP MISTAKES AND How to Avoid Them

DO-178 is subjective, vague, and generic; yet avionics certification requires strict conformance combined with exceptionally high quality. Given infinite resources of time and budget, DO-178 success can be achieved. However, the competitive landscape of avionics, both commercial and military, is just that – competitive. Therefore, the goal is to achieve DO-178 compliance while meeting (and hopefully surpassing) the competition. Such success requires achieving certification via the most expedient and productive path possible; while avoiding any major mistakes.

What are the most common mistakes via DO-178? As the largest and fastest-growing avionics-related services companies in North America, we’ve captured both ours, and our clients, most common mistakes; and we’ve learned from them. Through this learning process, we hope that the skies are safer and our clients are more successful.

Remember, luck is not the cause of mistakes, just as those same mistakes are not prevented through good luck. Mistakes are the result of a lack of understanding, planning for, and applying DO-178’s true intent. As Arnold Palmer once said after a particularly spectacular tournament win, “Me, Lucky? Hmmm … Luck is interesting: I’ve found that the more I practice, the luckier I become!” With this white paper, it is hoped that your own “luck” increases with your successful DO-178 practice.

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