UAM and eVTOL Project Certification and Verification

Comprehensive certification and verification solutions for your eVTOL and UAM projects from experienced Avionics professionals.

Unrivaled UAM & eVTOL Expertise

Take the next step in aviation with ConsuNova’s UAM & eVTOL project certification and training solutions.

Take the right approach for your project

ConsuNova’s customized certification solutions are made to fit the exact needs of your project. Our team works with you to understand your requirements and its applications, and provide a custom-fit UAM or eVTOL project certification roadmap.

Save time, money, and headaches

We offer cost-effective solutions that will keep your project on track without breaking the bank. Our team works with you to understand your budget, scope, and resources to create a compliant and cost-effective solution.

Confidently explore the next aerospace frontier

Our team has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to ensure that your project is compliant with all industry and regulatory standards. Our work on hundreds of UAM and eVTOL project certification and verification is second-to-none.

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Expert-led Aerospace Advancement

  • Trusted UAM & eVTOL experts. ConsuNova has extensive experience in certifying and verifying eVTOL and UAM projects in accordance with all current guidelines and regulations, so your project is always compliant and meeting necessary standards.
  • Certification for all applications.  We understand the unique certification requirements for all UAM/eVTOL projects, be they civil and military or general and large-scale commercial aircraft.
UAM projects
“This course provided a perfect overview of DO-178C and the reasons for it’s use in aviation. Learning from the instructors’ perspectives on the topics most important to them also helped us in our own approach.”

Ryan H. | Engineer, Collins Aerospace

Single source of truth

  • Get a continuously clear project status. ConsuNova’s experts work with you throughout the entire process, from planning to final approval, ensuring your UAM and eVTOL project stays on track and meets all necessary standards.
  • Ensure global compliance standards are met. Our certification services adhere to all official and industry standards and regulations, ensuring your UAM & eVTOL project certification is compliant with necessary and current requirements, no matter your region or project type.
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eVTOL project certification
“One of the best courses I’ve ever attended. ConsuNova’s team was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and kept everyone’s attention through energetic presentation and useful, real-world examples when presenting difficult subject matter. I would highly recommend ConsuNova to any company in need of Avionics guidelines training”

Michael F. | Manager, SAIC

UAM and eVTOL Project Certification Services for every need

Core Certification Services

  • Compliance support with 14 CFR Part 23, Part 25, Part 27, Part 29
  • Certification of Engines (Part 33)
  • Multi-Core A(M)C 20-193 Certification Support
  • STC/TC Compliance, Advisement and Strategy Planning

  • FAA / EASA / MIL Liaison

FAA DER Services

  • Development of Certification Plans: PSCP, PSAC, PHAC
  • Independent Compliance or Certification Reviews
  • Performance of Certification Audits
  • PMA/TSO Compliance, Advice & Strategy
  • Acting on behalf of the FAA to approve or recommend approval of technical data 8110-3

EASA CVE Services

  • Develop Certification Plans: PSCP, PSAC, PHAC

  • Independent Compliance or Certification Reviews

  • Perform Certification Audits

  • EASA Coordination and Technical Exchanges

  • Part 21 and ETSO Compliance, Advice & Strategy

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