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1004, 2023

DO-331 Model-Based Design for DO-178C Verification

April 10, 2023|Categories: DO-330, Model-based Design|

DO-331 Model-Based Design for DO-178C Verification Last week, we talked about the “pudding” of DO-178C projects. That, of course, being the implementation stage of a DO-178C guided avionics software project. We touched on establishing implementation decisions and standards in [...]

1203, 2023

Common DO-254 Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

March 12, 2023|Categories: Aerospace Engineering, Avionics Services and Solutions, DO-254|

In our 20+ years in avionics and aerospace engineering, we’ve rarely seen an organization easily and quickly build and certify a project to DO-254 standards. That’s no surprise; DO-254 is vague, ironically software-centric, and complex. In truth, DO-254 is rarely [...]

1203, 2023

The Aircraft System Safety Assessment in Four Steps

March 12, 2023|Categories: ARP-4761, Safety-Critical Systems|

There’s a lot to consider when developing and engineering aircraft. All those considerations come with a lot of QA activities, safety and structural tests, and rigorous analysis—if only more people knew how many assessments like these occurred, fear of flying [...]

2409, 2021

Couples Retreat: The Importance of Data Coupling and Control Coupling

September 24, 2021|Categories: Aerospace Engineering, DO-178C|

With the barrage of dating shows coming at us from every streaming and TV angle, I couldn’t help but think about couples, which led me to think about how cool the concept of code “coupling” really is, especially in Avionics. [...]

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