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Apply key concepts and best practices to your aerospace hardware projects with clear and comprehensive DO-254 training

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Aerospace DO-254

Create the perfect, hands-on DO-254 training program

Customize your DO-254 training to meet your precise requirements. Our instructors work with you to create an interactive, use-case-based course that covers exactly what you need to enhance your knowledge and skills, and that’s how you’ll ensure your projects always comply with industry standards.

How our DO-254 Training Program will help you and your team:

Learn the right ways to apply DO-254 to your aerospace projects

  • Discover how to accurately apply DO-254 to different components within your system
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and minimize risk in your avionics systems

Understand DO-254’s relationship with Systems and Safety

  • See the connections between DO-254 and ARP-4754 and ARP-4761 for a complete systems and safety approach
  • Improve safety in your avionics systems by applying best practices in design and verification

DO-254 compliant reqts. for design, implementation, and verification

  • Master the process of developing and verifying DO-254 compliant Avionics systems
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and improve the quality of all your hardware projects

Apply industry best practices for efficient deployment and execution

  • Streamline your DO-254 guided activities and perform best practices for DO-254 compliance
  • Save time and resources while reducing costs and ensuring the highest standards in Avionics hardware design and verification

Successfully pass any DO-254 Audit with flying colors

  • Prepare for a successful DO-254 audit by learning key methods and seeing the complete the audit process
  • Minimize risk and ensure compliance with industry standards in your Avionics systems

Assess and fix gaps in your organization

  • Find and mind DO-254 gaps in your organization
  • Implement optimized solutions to fix any gaps and ensure the highest standards in avionics design and verification

Comprehensive DO-254 Training

  • DO-254 & History, Introduction & Needs
  • DO-254 Principles
  • ARP 4761 Safety Assessments
  • ARP 4754 Systems Engineering & Relationship to DO-178
  • Document Hierarchy & Criticality Levels
  • Explained DO-254 Certification Plans (PHAC, HCMP, HVVP, HDP, HPAP)
  • DO-254 Design Aspects
  • DO-254 Implementation and Reviews
  • DO-254 Verification & Overview and Objectives
  • DO-254 Traceability Objectives & Tools/Methods
  • Successful DO-254 Compliance Audits
  • Tool Qualification
  • DO-254 Advanced Methods, Tools & Strategies
  • DO-254 Requirements Exercise
  • Problem Reporting & Streamlining
  • Gap Analysis & Reverse Engineering
  • DO-254 Verification Best Practices
  • Functional Failure Path Analysis (FFPA)
  • DO-254 Elemental Analysis
  • Overview of the Certification Process in relation to TC/STC vs TSO/ETSO products
  • Emphasis on ARP 4754A (Systems Development) in relation to DO-178C.
  • Emphasis on ARP 4761/4761A (Safety Assessment).
  • In-depth DO-254 Planning.
  • Walkthrough of DO-254 Planning Samples and Templates.
  • Performing Compliance Audits.
  • Requirement’s and Design Workshop/Samples.
  • Best practices for Previously Developed HW (PDH) Compliance and Reverse Engineering.
  • Options for DAL-D Compliance or Military Compliance.
  • In-depth Function Failure Path Analysis (FFPA) Methods.
  • Emphasis on differences between FAA vs. EASA compliance.
  • Single Event Effects (SEE) and Sing Even Upsets (SEU).
  • Simple Electronics Hardware Compliance (SEH).
  • Overview of DO-178C and relationship/similarities to DO-254 process.
  • Emphasis on IP CORE and COTS IP.
  • Show COTS usage compliance to EASA memo.
  • Relationship with System Integration and Equipment Qualification (DO-160).
aerospace engineers
“ConsuNova’s highly competent engineers have proved to be an invaluable resource on our way to DO-178C/254 compliance. “

Robert C. | Program Manager, Laser & Lidar Solutions, Areté

DO-178C Training Steps

ConsuNova’s Three-step Process to DO-254 Training

You’ll receive the DO-254 Training Guide and we’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule time to discuss your needs and customize your DO-254 training course topics, schedule, and dates.

Your DO-254 instructor will help you develop the right course plan and topic coverage. Once you’re happy with your training plan and schedule, we’ll send you a course outline for review and approval.

Whether you prefer onsite, remote, team or individual, we launch your custom-tailored training courses and take your aviation knowledge and skills to new heights.

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