DO-178C Training

Expert instructors providing in-depth coverage of DO-178C guidelines and best practices

 Aerospace organizations worldwide trust ConsuNova to deliver comprehensive DO-178C knowledge.
Aviation Templates

Customizable, hands-on DO-178C training with real-world scenarios

Apply Optimized DO-178C Practices

  • Gain practical experience and knowledge that can be immediately applied on the job
  • Improve the quality of your software development and ensure compliance with industry standards
  • DO-178C Design Assurance and Relationship with ARP-4754A/4761.
  • DO-178C PSAC explanation in detailed.
  • Optimized DO-178C process planning (SDP and impact Lifecycle decisions).
  • DO-178C Development Process, Traceability & Development Best Practices.
  • Explanation of DO-178C Testing and Structural Coverage and how to craft SVP.
  • Impact of DO-178C Integral Process (SCMP and SQAP).
  • DO-178C Industry Facts and Compliance cost drivers.
  • Differences and Challenges between DO-178B and DO-178C.
Avionics software Development
DO-178C Training

Understand and fine-tune DO-178C challenges

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and develop high-quality software
  • Learn how to identify and overcome common challenges in software
  • Parameter Data Items and Requirement Workshop.
  • DO-178C Data Coupling & Control Coupling Analysis by test.
  • Reducing Administrative Overhead for DO-178C Code Coverage
  • DO-178C Worst-Case Execution Time Objectives (WCET)
  • Understand DO-178C Audits Criteria, timing and success factors.
  • Final DO-178C compliance packaging (SAS, SCI, and Problem Reporting).

Dive deep into advanced DO-178C Topics

  • Master industry developments and best practices in software development for Avionics systems
  • Enhance your expertise in the field and improve your career opportunities
  • Multicore (CAST-32A A(M)C 20-193) Objectives and challenges
  • DO-178C Requirements Exercise
  • Problem Reporting & Streamlining
  • Design, Data & Control Flow in Multicore
  • COTS Usage in DO-178C
  • DO-330 Software Tool Qualification
  • DO-331 Model-Based Development and Verification
  • DO-332 Object-Oriented Technology
  • DO-333 Formal Methods Supplement
DO-178C Training
aerospace engineers
“ConsuNova’s highly competent engineers have proved to be an invaluable resource on our way to DO-178C/254 compliance. “

Robert C. | Program Manager, Laser & Lidar Solutions, Areté

DO-178C Training Steps

ConsuNova’s Three-step Process to DO-178C Training

You’ll receive the DO-178C Training Guide and we’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule time to discuss your needs and customize your DO-178C training course topics, schedule, and dates.

Your DO-178C instructor will help you develop the right course plan and topic coverage. Once you’re happy with your training plan and schedule, we’ll send you a course outline for review and approval.

Whether you prefer onsite, remote, team or individual, we launch your custom-tailored training courses and take your aviation knowledge and skills to new heights.

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