ARP 4754 Training

Improve your team’s ability to develop safe and reliable Avionics systems with expert ARP 4754 & 4761 Training

Get Full Objectives Training Coverage of ARP 4754 & 4761

Enhance your knowledge and skills in aircraft systems development and avionics safety with comprehensive ARP 4754 training.

Customize your comprehensive ARP 4754 Training Course

Learn from experienced instructors and get in-depth coverage of the Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) and its objectives, and ensure you understand the process and requirements of Avionics systems certification.

  • Customize your hands-on, use-case-based training
  • Gain practical experience and knowledge that can be immediately applied on the job
Aircraft System Safety
ARP 4754 Training

Enhance your project, no matter its focus, size, or complexity

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your aerospace career journey, our ARP 4754 training will help you achieve your Avionics certification goals and take your skills to the next level.

  • Elevate your knowledge, no matter the systems application or project density
  • Advance your career and skills, so that you can complete any Avionics systems project

Create your perfect ARP 4754 Training Program

Create the training course, classes and topics that fit your team and project need and:
  • 1
    Learn the methods for conducting the Safety Assessment Process, including practical examples for each core technique.
  • 2

    Gain an in-depth understanding of the regulatory framework in which ARP-4761 fits and its relationship with other guidance for civil airborne systems and equipment.

  • 3
    Distinguish between Functional Design Assurance Level (FDAL) and Item Design Assurance Levels (IDALs) and understand their applications.
  • 4

    Get a thorough understanding of the core techniques of ARP-4761, including Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Common Cause Analysis (CCA). This includes each of the sub-analyses of Zonal Safety Analysis, Common Mode Analysis and Particular Risk Analysis.

  • 5

    Learn about the systems planning, implementation, verification, and validation processes, along with the specific objectives applied for each Design Assurance Level (DAL).

  • 6

    By the end of the program, your team will have the knowledge and practical skills necessary to successfully implement ARP 4754 & 4761 and achieve Avionics systems certification.

aerospace engineers
“ConsuNova’s highly competent engineers have proved to be an invaluable resource on our way to DO-178C/254 compliance. “

Robert C. | Program Manager, Laser & Lidar Solutions, Areté

Comprehensive ARP 4754 Training

  • ARP 4761 Fundamentals; How Design for Safety
  • Reliability Theory
  • Functional Hazard Assessment
  • Preliminary System Safety Assessment and the System Safety Assessment
  • System Safety Analysis Tools and Techniques of ARP 4761
  • Fault Tree Analysis, dependency diagrams and Markov analysis
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Common Cause Analysis
  • Examples – Putting it All Together
  • Introduction and Overview of ARP-4754A
  • ARP 4754A Relationship with Other Guidelines
  • Relationship to Safety Assessment Processes
  • Systems Engineering Processes & Documentation
  • Architectural Considerations & General Principals
  • FDALs, IDALs, and DAL Determination
  • Requirements Validation & System Verification
  • Worked Examples
  • Overview of the Certification Process in relation to TC/STC vs TSO/ETSO products
  • Emphasis on ARP 4754A (Systems Development) in relation to DO-178C.
  • Emphasis on ARP 4761/4761A (Safety Assessment).
  • Overview of DO-254 and relationship/similarities to DO-178C process.
DO-178C Training Steps

ConsuNova’s Three-step Process to ARP 4754 & 4761 Training

You’ll receive the DO-254 Training Guide and we’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule time to discuss your needs and customize your DO-254 training course topics, schedule, and dates.

Your ARP 4754 & 4761 instructor will help you develop the right course plan and topic coverage. Once you’re happy with your training plan and schedule, we’ll send you a course outline for review and approval.

Whether you prefer onsite, remote, team or individual, we launch your custom-tailored training courses and take your aviation knowledge and skills to new heights.

Take your Avionics knowledge to new heights with ARP 4754 & 4761 training

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