Avionics Training

DO-178C, DO-254, ARP 4754/4761, and Advanced Avionics training courses for every aerospace application.

Avionics training courses for every major guideline and application

Public Avionics training

Open Avionics Trainings

Virtual and in-person Avionics workshops for any aviation professional

Comprehensive Avionics training in a “choose your own adventure” format. Select any day-class or the complete weeklong course and save.

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Avionics Webinars

ConsuNova Webinars

Learn about the latest in Avionics and Aerospace Engineering

Join our live presentations and discussions on the most important Avionics events, topics, and technologies

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Avionics Training

On-Demand Video Training

Avionics video training, anytime and anywhere you need it

Learn from a collection of online video and training materials, and preview courses before you buy to know what works best for your needs.

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DO-178C Training Course

DO-178C Training

Custom-tailored courses covering the full-scope of the industry standard for software development in avionics.

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DO-254 Training

DO-254 Training

Understand every aspect of the field of avionics hardware development, and develop new skills with advanced DO-254 training sessions.

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4754 Guideline Training

ARP 4754 & 4761 Training

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the guidelines and best practices for Avionics systems and safety assessments.

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2023 Q1 Public Avionics Training

5-Day Advanced Training Covering ARP 4754A, ARP 4761, DO-178C & DO-254 Development and Verification

Course runs Mar 20 through 24th, 2023

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Webinar: Risks and Rewards of Agile processes in Aerospace development


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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Hands-on training with experienced FAA DERs and EASA CVEs

DO-178C Avionics Training

Ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to comply with safety regulations and develop high-quality software with ConsuNova’s customizable DO-178C training.

  • Manage In-depth coverage of DO-178C guidelines and best practices
  • Certify compliance with industry standards and develop best-in-class software
  • Enhance career opportunities and advancement potential with expertise in a widely recognized industry standard

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DO-178C Training Classes
DO-254 Mistakes

DO-254 Avionics Training

Master and apply the requirements and best practices for designing and verifying avionics hardware to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

  • Cover every aspect of DO-254 requirements, customized to your exact needs
  • Learn how to design and verify Avionics hardware to meet compliance and safety standards
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market with Avionics hardware development expertise

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ARP 4754 Avionics Training

Receive essential knowledge and skills to develop and assess safe and reliable avionics systems with comprehensive ARP 4754A and 4761 guidelines training.

  • Focus on the critical standards and best practices in Avionics systems safety
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines and best practices for developing and verifying safe, reliable Avionics systems
  • Improve the safety and reliability of your projects by learning the best practices of ARP 4754A guidelines

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ARP 4754 Training
Video Training

On-Demand Video Avionics Training

Anytime, anywhere training on a wide variety of Avionics and aerospace engineering topics, guidelines, and courses accessible from any device with an internet connection.

  • Instantly access a wide variety of Avionics and aerospace engineering courses
  • Gain flexibility in your schedule and learn from anywhere at any time you need
  • Learn at your own pace and review material as many times as needed

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