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Avionics Solutions for every Avionics application

Avionics Solutions

Avionics Process Templates & Checklists

Planning documents and process guides for all common aviation standards and guidelines, including DO-178, DO-254 and ARP 4754.
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Aviation Traceability

Engineering Traceability Solution: traceGEAR

Automated requirements traceability and error-detection with trace-data across all project lifecycle artifacts.
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Aerospace Systems Audit

Avionics Systems Auditing Solution: reviewGEAR

Track review progress and increase project completion visibility automatically, and do it while reducing project overhead.
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Avionics Templates

Avionics Process Templates and Checklists

Structured and standardized approaches to completing tasks and projects are uniquely critical in the aerospace field. Improve the quality of your with standardized process templates so you can reduce the risk of errors and sleep better knowing your projects are resilient and of the highest standard.

  • Reduce costs by streamlining compliance processes, minimizing errors, and ensuring all necessary reviews and approvals are completed on time.
  • Improve all projects with customizable avionics solutions and ensure your selected checklists or templates are precisely applied to your needs.

Engineering Traceability Avionics Solution

Track relationships between documents, artifacts and project criteria throughout the development process by using ConsuNova’s light-weight, intuitive, powerful traceability solution.

  • Manage your entire project, including all documents, relationships, vendors and sub-contractors with robust and automated traceability.
  • Get the complete picture of your project with bi-directional, editable traceability matrices, trace diagnostics, and full trace statistics for all components in the trace tree.
Avionics Traceability
Avionics Solutions Review

Avionics Systems Auditing Solution

Ensure your project is correct from idea to launch with automated audits and fully customized review processes based on your development model. Even better, ConsuNova’s systems auditing solution is integrated with popular configuration management systems making real-time version tracking of data seamless.

  • Enhance the quality of your release product with ready-to-use checklists for use with key guidelines and best practices of Avionics systems, software and hardware development.
  • Have confidence your project is thoroughly reviewed, standardized and verified with automated progress tracking and reduce project management overhead.

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