Avionics Gap Analysis

Our Avionics Gap Analysis Solution helps you design and deploy the right compliance strategy for any hardware, software, or systems project.

ConsuNova ensures you meet FAA and/or EASA standards

Gap Analysis

Find and mind the gaps

We identify the compliance and standards gaps in your ARP 4754A, ARP 4761, DO-254, and DO-178C projects and processes and quickly close them.

Aerospace Engineering Gap Analysis

Save time and reduce costs

We build an analysis detail report for cost-estimation into proposals to plan for a time- and cost-effective DO-254 or DO-178C project.

Aerospace Gap Analysis

Expert analysis from industry pros

The expert ConsuNova engineering team has performed more DO-178 and DO-254 gap analysis than all of our competitors combined.

How the ConsuNova Avionics Gap Analysis Process Works

Avionics Project Capabilities Analysis

1. Understand Current Processes And Capabilities

Aerospace Project ReviewFirst, we review the systems you have in place, the software and/or hardware you’re using, and any existing goals.
Avionics EvaluationAfter review, we evaluate project architecture, platforms, and tool usage, and conduct interviews with key stakeholders.
Aerospace Project ReviewNext, we perform a comprehensive analysis of project records and compile a key-findings summary for review.

2. Identify Issues and Gaps, and Learn Objectives

Aerospace Project ReviewTo start the second phase, we pinpoint the top certification roadblocks unique to FAA, EASA, or Military standards and guidelines.
Avionics Evaluation A comprehensive project assessment is next, including COTS, RTOS, and tool usage. We then evaluate adequacy, quality and depth of technical data (design, REQ, etc.) and note any key findings.
Aerospace Project ReviewLastly, DO-178C & DO-254 process and practice gaps are recorded, and objectives—DO or ARP—are reviewed during analysis sessions.
Gap Analysis Objectives
Avionics Gap Analysis Process

3. Determine reusable project and process components and activities

Aerospace Project ReviewAt this stage, we work with you to determine and specify what data and/or processes can be reused for certification.
Avionics EvaluationThe applicability of alternative means of compliance are also noted and shared in review sessions.
Aerospace Project ReviewAlso, we review compliance negotiation and deviation and discuss best processes and next steps.

4. Create and Implement The “Close the Gaps” Strategy

gap analysisWe establish “quick wins” in the certification path and review in live sessions to make the project more cost- and time-effective.
Aerospace Project RoadblockAlso in stage four, the top-level CERT is scheduled with all missing data.
Avionics Gap AnalysisFinally, we provide “SMART” solutions for all identified gaps, and we explain all program and compliance risks.
Avionics Project Roadmap

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