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Global Avionics certification services and solutions for commercial, military, general aviation, or UAM application

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Avionics Certification Courses

Understand “the big picture”

Get a complete certification solution for any application of avionics and meet the standards of every design assurance level (DAL-D through DAL-A).

Bring transparency to your project

We show you the most effective and compliant ways to record each project phase so that you ensure your project data is verifiable at every step.

Aerospace Solutions

Keep projects up-to-date

Stay current on the guidelines, tech, and tools needed to comply with current aviation standards with expert Certification Specialists.

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Put trust in your projects

Avionics Certification Courses ExpertsSleep easier with Avionics experts. ConsuNova has certified more projects than all our competitors, combined. Even better, our reputation in all Avionics certification courses and solutions is impeccable.
Avionics Certification Courses Address any Avionics need. We have the knowledge, skills, and tools to certify all hardware, software, systems, and equipment for any project, whether it’s civil & military, UAV/UAM, general and large-scale commercial Aircraft.
“ConsuNova provided exceptional support generating requirements and verification criteria for several complex logic devices, using design data as input. They were easy to work with, knowledgeable in the subject area, and performed the highest quality work on schedule.”

Stephen M. | Director of Engineering, Trimble

No more countless contractors

Avionics Certification ProcessGet a single source of truth. You’re assigned the right experts, FAA DERs and/or EASA CVEs, throughout your entire project certification. Third-party management is a thing of the past.
Avionics Certification Project ScopeEnd scope creep. ConsuNova Specialists are authorized to approve and recommend systems and equipment for all aviation applications. Your projects run faster, and as such, more cost-effectively.
Aviation Certification
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“ConsuNova’s comprehensive Avionics training was simply outstanding. Their DERs were very knowledgeable and provided invaluable perspective on the challenges of using multi-core processors.”

Greg H. | Software Engineer, Blue Origin

The most comprehensive Avionics certification courses and services available

Certification Services

  • Compliance support 14 CFR Part 23, Part 25, Part 27, Part 29

  • Certification of Engines (Part 33)

  • Multi-Core A(M)C 20-193 Certification Support

  • STC/TC Compliance, Guidance and Strategy Development

  • FAA / EASA / MIL Liaison for all branches/agencies

FAA DER Services

  • Develop Certification Plans: PSCP, PSAC, PHAC

  • Independent Compliance or Certification Reviews

  • Perform Certification Audits

  • PMA/TSO Compliance, Advice & Strategy

  • Act on behalf of the FAA to approve or recommend approval of technical data 8110-3

EASA CVE Services

  • Develop Certification Plans: PSCP, PSAC, PHAC

  • Independent Compliance or Certification Reviews

  • Perform Certification Audits

  • EASA Coordination and Technical Exchanges

  • Part 21 and ETSO Compliance, Advice & Strategy

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