Aerospace Engineering Services

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Aerospace Engineering

Streamline project lifecycles

Reach new heights with ConsuNova’s engineering solutions. Our aerospace engineering services are artfully designed to help you meet compliance standards, increase quality and speed up your project time-to-completion. No matter the domain, scope or size, our experience helps you innovate in your field, verify your results, and maximize your project potential.

  • Skilled expert guidance
  • Customizable technology solutions
  • Tailor-made engineering services
aerospace engineers
“ConsuNova’s highly competent engineers have proved to be an invaluable resource on our way to DO-178C/254 compliance. “

Robert C. | Program Manager, Laser & Lidar Solutions, Areté

Trusted Aerospace engineering expertise

For any Aerospace application, focus, or governing agencies, our team’s deep, hands-on experience, knowledge, and networks provide complete lifecycle support for safety critical software, hardware, and systems projects. Be it onboard, ground, electronics, reliability testing, structural, IoT, automation, or UAM, we  help aerospace engineers drive progress and improve projects.

  • Fully Certified DERs and EAVs
  • 100+ projects enhanced and verified
  • Strategic partners in all Aerospace segments
Aerospace systems audit
“The ConsuNova team’s vast experience in the field of critical embedded airborne software became increasingly valuable the closer we came to a certifiable product.”

Steve B. | Engineering Director, MBE Systems UK

Aerospace Engineering Services

ConsuNova’s primary Aerospace Engineering Services

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