Avionics Services

Project analysis, training workshops, and engineering solutions to take you and your Avionics applications to new heights.

Expert Engineering and Compliance Services for every Avionics application

Engineering Augmentation

On-site or Off-site Avionics software/hardware engineering services including architecture, design, independent verification, testing and reviews.
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FAA & EASA Certification

FAA DERs & EASA CVEs authorized to Approve/Recommend all Avionics software, hardware and systems, per modern guidelines.
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Avionics Services

Safety & Reliability Engineering

Safety analysis from Aircraft down to System level. Our Safety & Reliability experts evaluate and report to FHA, PSSA, SSA, FTA, and FMEA standards.
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Aerospace Engineering

Gap Analysis and Project Estimates

Identify Certification Gaps, Roadmap development, cost-estimates. Our Gap Analysis provides successful strategies to meet FAA/EASA standards.
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Augment your teams and boost projects with ConsuNova’s comprehensive Avionics services

Aerospace Engineering

Engineering Augmentation Services

Aerospace engineering requires multiple processes and functions to be executed by highly specialized professionals in concert and with precision. Our engineering team members fill project-critical gaps and enhance your designs at any stage and for any activity.

  • Compliment your project with certified, well-versed engineering pros so you and your team can focus on other mission-critical project tasks.
  • Enhance and improve project speed, reliability and outcomes with customized engineering augmentation approaches for your exact needs.

FAA & EASA Certification Services

Complete projects with FAA certified and accredited Designated Engineering Representatives and EASA Certified Verification Engineers with focuses in virtually every field and application of Avionics and Aerospace Engineering.

  • Sleep easy knowing your project is being reviewed, enhanced and certified by highly specialized Avionics experts.
  • Choose from a wide range of Avionics certification and support services across industries and applications.
Avionics Safety Services

Safety & Reliability Services

Ensure safe, reliable flights, no matter the conditions, cargo, or crew with ConsuNova. Avionics safety verification is uniquely lengthy and difficult to navigate, so let our expert teams guide you through the entire assessment and ensure your projects meet all safety & reliability requirements.

  • Optimize your processes and streamline some of the most mission-critical steps in Avionics projects’ lifecycles with guided functional analysis.
  • Meet key standards and guidelines, including FHA, PSSA/SSA, and FMEA, with efficiency through precise, insightful safety evaluations specialized for your project.

Gap Analysis and Estimate Services

Uniquely demanding engineering concepts and regulatory adherence make aerospace projects a complex, time-consuming process. Ensure you’re project is on track and enhance compliance and reporting methods with ConsuNova’s Gap Analysis.

  • We review each step of your project and evaluate testing, reviews and traceability among other important criteria to ensure your project is on time and on budget.
  • Receive detailed reports containing clear review of detailed analysis and overall cost estimations for any required gap closure.

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