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Avionics Certification
Valuable training for ALL engineers. The team was very knowledgeable and delivered priceless perspective on the challenges of using multi-core processors. I wish I had that years ago at NASA.

Robert R., Aerospace Engineer
Blue Origin

it was 5-star training. enjoyed the material as it was relevant and timely. The presenters were knowledgeable and provided quality presentations and real-life examples. Will be able to apply the training to our current certification efforts.

Murray L., Certification Manager
General Atomics

I found the training really useful and clear to understand. Relevant examples were given and the trainer was very knowledgeable. I was able to come away from the training and implement some of the things learnt straight away.

Christian S., Systems Engineering
Ministry of Defence

ConsuNova’s highly competent engineers have proveN to be an invaluable resource on our way to DO-178C/254 compliance. Beyond impressive domain knowledge, their team is very responsive and steamlessly integrated into our team.

Robert C., Program Manager, Laser & Lidar Solutions

We believe in helping you reach new heights in Avionics

ConsuNova’s “GEARS” to bridge compliance gaps

aerospace traceability requirements


Your fully automated traceability solution. Bi-directional analysis, error-detection, and trace-matrix creation, all done with a few clicks.
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Avionics Compliance


The Amazon of avionics tempaltes. DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP 4761/4754A checklists, process guides, and management plans.
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Aerospace Projects Review


A uniform platform to conduct, manage and establish evidence of your compliance to your preferred industry standard.
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